• soft shoes, not pointed but round, with leather-soles
  • women: it's not necessary with high heals from the beginnig - they must be comfortable

Where to buy:

Shoes imported from Buenos Aires:

  • Negozio Kaja
    via degli Zingari, 62 Tel.06/4882962
    if you bring a flyer from my school Fortitudo, you will have a 10 % discount
  • Tesori dal Mondo
    Via Serradifalco, 15/19, 00132 Roma, tel 06 20763213 - 339.6364817

Shoes made in Italy:

  • Maria Ghieri - Articoli per la danza
    via Numitore 5/7 00181 Roma - Colli Albani tel 06.7840666
    if you bring a flyer from my school, you will have a discount
  • Le Scarpe di Anita, Un'esclusiva di: Virgom Store
    via Montegrappa, 6 46020 Pegognaga (MN) tel: 0039 0376 558464 - shoes imported from Buenos Aires too



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