alicja ziolkoAlicja Ziolko, actress & tangodancer, born 15 dicembre 1965 in Oslo, Norway


1999-2002, School after Theatre, master classes for actors arranged by SCUT (Scandinavian Centre for Theatre Research)
and GITIS (The Russian Theatre Academy, Moscow), artistic director Jurij Alschitz

2001, Participated in Face of the 20th Century Woman, an EU-funded methodological research project in connection with the Vertical of the Role.

1997&2000, Tango studies in Buenos Aires with Mingo & Ester Pugliese, Graziela Gonzales and Roberto Herrera

1994-1995, Tango studies in Paris with Teresa Cunha.

1991, Instituto Arte Scenica, Pontremoli, Italia.

1987-1990, Akademi Teaterprosjekt ‘84, Oslo

1985, The Mime Centre, London


2003, Attrice e ballerina in Passo, cortometraggio selezionato e premiato con il premio della stampa al Concorso Nazionale per Videomaker Location Piacenza, regia Emiliano Campagnola

2001, The tanguera inTango Diabolo, a duet for Bergen International Tango Festival, concept & choreography: Bennie Bartels and Alicja Ziolko.

2000, The tanguera in Tango Diabolo, a duet for Tangomagia International Tango Festival, Amsterdam.
The tanguera in Verdemar, duet for Bergen International Tango Festival.

1999, The tanguera in Verdemar, duet for Telenor in connection with Telecom ‘99 in Geneva. Directed by Sølvi A. Lindseth
Various performances with Bennie Bartels.

1998, She in Tango for Kamera – video production with Bennie Bartels. Directed by Marit Ødegaard
Various performances with Bennie Bartels and Dries van der Post for, among others, the Argentinian Embassy and SAS.

1997, Tangera in Tanguera, short film about tango in Buenos Aires Directed by Christian Archambeau
Choreography for Tante Augusta at Oslo Nye Teater

1996, Tangera in Tangonatt, Torshovteateret, Oslo Concept and choreography: Alexandra Archetti Stølen and Alicja Ziolko

Teaching of tango:

2004-2005, Teaching in Rome; at John Cabbot University and at Ludoboom, at Giardino del Tango con Marco Spaziani. At Scuola Dimitri – international school of theatre in Svizerland

2002-2003, Teaching in Norway and in Bari, and at Scuola Dimitri.

2001, Teaching with Bennie Bartels at Bergen International Tango Festival, Norway.

2000, Teaching with Bennie Bartels at Tangomagia International Tango Festival, Amsterdam.
Teaching with Bennie Bartels at Bergen International Tango Festival, Norway.

1996, Started her tango school in Oslo, with weekly practica(dance-evening), courses and events with argentinian guests.
Regular teaching assignments in such as Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Lillehammer, and in Amsterdam and Moscow.

1994, Founded Oslo Tangoverksted (Oslo Tango Workshop), inviting argentinian maestros.


1999, National Travel and Study Scholarship for studies in Buenos Aires.

2000, National Choreography Development Fund (Statens Koreografiutviklingstøtte).


italian, english, german, norvegian



Other skills:



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