Alicja Ziolko, tangodancer and actress from Oslo, Norway. She has danced tango since 1992. She has studied in Paris with Teresa Cuhna, and in Buenos Aires with Graziela Gonzales, Mingo & Ester Pugliese and with Roberto Herrera.

In 1996 she began to give courses and started Foss Tango– a weekly practica in Oslo. In 1997 she founded Oslo Tangoworkshop. Besides Oslo, she has also been teaching in Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Lillehammer and in Amsterdam, Moscow, Bari & Rome. She has also been organizing regular season-balls in Oslo.

Since 1998, with Bennie Bartels (Holland), she has done shows and performances, like for Telenor during Telecom ’99 in Geneva, and at Tangomagia Tangofestival 2000 in Amsterdam and at Bergen International Tangofestival 2000 & 2001.

Over the last 10 years Alicja has built up a extensive music-collection, and she works also as a tango-DJ on tango-balls and practicas.

Alicja has been part of La Compagnia delle Formiche, in Curato, close to Bari in South-Italy. 2000-2003 Alicja was touring in Scandinavia with «Ion» – a dialogue by Plato. Summer 2002 she played & danced in Macbeth Illusion, an international production touring castles in Puglia, southern Italy. 2003-4 she took part as actress and tutor in Dannati Maestri, a post-graduate programme for actors dedicated to Carmelo Bene, guesting the Festival Due Mondi, Spoleto, with two performances: Un Amleto di Legno(as Gertrude) and Ritratto di Signora.