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tuesday 16 - sunday 21 october 2007
rassegna teatrale europea - seconda edizione
european theatre festival - second edition

Teatro della Dodicesima - Spinaceto, Roma

6 date - 34 eventi - 36 artisti da 6 nazioni
6 days - 34 events - 36 artists from 6 nations

In this Roman outskirt beyond suspicion arises the small and new theatre Teatro Della Dodicesima, created within the walls of a former school. Several European actors and directors will meet here with one aim only, to demonstrate themselves of being true Cosmonauts at heart.

Who are the Cosmonauts

Conventionally a cosmonaut is an astronaut from the Russian Space Agency, or from one of the ex-USSR countries.
“Cosmonaut” derives from Russian (kosmonavt) that again derives from greek kosmos (universe) and nautes (navigator). In the USA, “astronaut” is applied to a person that has just started his training, while in Russia one is not a “cosmonaut” till one has completed a space-flight successfully.

… we retain being a cosmonaut also those who have run into the schools of Russian theatre and has tried the flight with heels up and head down towards the abyss… like a Karamazov (…)

… the cosmonauts launched by the Russian masters Anatolij Vassiliev, and Jurij Alschitz.
- They wish to meet all the other NAUTS of the Cosmo Theatre to exchange their scientific research.

The Cosmonauts at heart have been trained very hard and they have passed exhausting sessions of rehearsing using binding methods from an emotional and physical point of view. They have attended the theatre school of the 19th century, founded and developed by the following figures (and maybe also by themselves):
Vsevolod Meyerhold, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Maria Knebel, Michael Chekhov, Anatoli Vasilev, Jurij Alschitz, Nicolai Karpov, Vasily Skorik...and the Cosmonautes.

Anyhow, they have managed not to loose a providential self irony on all kinds of methods or theatre school. For this reason they have now founded a new, small festival to have fun and use all what they have learnt mixed together with other experiences that is not asked of them in their daily work..


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Teatro della Dodicesima:
Teatro della Dodicesima
Via Carlo Avolio, 60
località Spinaceto
00128 ROMA


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Teatro della Dodicesima
Via Carlo Avolio, 60
località Spinaceto
00128 ROMA
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